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New Homepage

Dear Visitor,

After many, many years I have finally been able to update my website. Selected projects created between 2009 and 2014 have been added. Along with lots of other changes I have added this blog just in case the next update takes as long to get done as this one did. I look forward to keeping you up to date as new things happen. Every now and then Ill try to get you a peek backstage or share some MAKING OF stories with you.

Till soon,

Fred P

 I hope you enjoy !

The Raven

Der Blick Des Raben View of the Raven Is the latest collaboration between choreographer Tarek Assam, costume designer Gabriele Kortmann and myself. It opened on the 19th of October 2013 and is still running at the State Theater in Giessen, Germany. The performance mixes events from the private life of the American writer Edgar Allan Poe with those told in his writings. The German Composer Moritz Eggert composed new music for the production.


Bach leuchtet

The installation consisted of 49 Winkelfallrohre each 14m long. Aluminum piping that is normally used for ventilating greasy air from kitchens.
J.S. Bach, Messe in h-moll
St. Egidien, Nürnberg
October 2009